Monday, May 15, 2006

I personally feel that God has blessed me to come to this team! I am blessed with all the nice people in this team! REally thank God for that. It is only by God's grace that I 've this group of friends. I really don't know if I am accepted by ppl. As in if this group do not have God, I won't have so many friends, cos i hardly have any friends in class. It takes a lot of patience to have me in this team.
During this camp, I've learnt alot! My highlight is the part where I gave up my Issac to God. Don't really want to mention who this particular Issac is down here. Anyways, after giving it up, I really felt the love of God. It is because of Him, I had the burden to pray for other countries during the intercetion period. I started coming into this team, not knowing what the real purpose is. I thought I came because my mum told me to. he...he.. I really want to thank God for this camp as He made me realise the purpose of the trip and gave me the burden for Japan. so pray tt I'll have the heart for Japan.
So far I managed to raised $1910. Pls pray tt i'll be able to raise the remaining $1100 by the end of this week. And also pray for God's wisdom to be upon me as I buy the first aid kit, when calculating the vitamin pills, the budget is over$50. So keep me in prayer!


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