Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hi everyone it's me again. Today i got stressed up with a patient. I don't want to disclose too much about him. He is a pain in the neck!!! He scolds everybody and is picky on who shall do dressing for him due to fear of infection and having to be admitted and discharged then admitted again. Basically he went in and out of the hospital due to infection of the wound. He is afraid tt if I do dressing for him or other student nurse do so, he would get infection.
My staff nurse quarrelled with him because of me. Pls keep me in prayer! i've 3 more days this wk and 4 more days nx week, so that makes 7 days = 1week! Yeah!!!!
Pls pray tt I'll find favour in my authorities like my preceptor and the manager and especially staff nurses working with me. I really hope that the staff nurse will be more patient with me. Pls pray for favour. Pray tt i won't face too much complain! Anything can happen within these short few days. pls keep my posting in prayer and my exam results are coming out this Friday. Pls pray for God's grace to be upon me. NOt just in exam but at work as well.
aS i said 7MORE DAYS to tahan!! Pray for strength to pull through even more!
C yyyyyyyyaaaaaaa!!!!!!


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