Monday, April 24, 2006

Praise the Lord! Hey, Thanks everyone for praying for me! My church leader has approved my support raising. He said he is gg to send me $900. I really hope he will keep his word and I will received it asap.
Hey! pls pray for my attachment. Work is a struggle for me. Pray tt I won't see is it as something unpleasant but enjoy the work I am doing. Pray tt God will be in the centre of my life as i go through these 8 days. Yup! yup! 8 more days to go!!!
Really can't wait till this time to end! Pls pray tt I'll find favour in my preceptor, staff nurses, sisters and esp nurse manager. Pray tt my nurse manager won't fail me. Only the best 6 students will remain in the same ward for 3yrs. Pls keep me in prayer! My aim is not to be in the best 6 but just do my best and leave the results to God.
My exam results are coming out on the 28th april this Friday. PRay for favour upon those who are marking my paper. I'm getting very scared now! I really hope to pass all my exams and my attachment. STREESS!!!!! Waiting for results while i'm on attachment. I really am scared, but I must leave it to God. Pray for God's grace to be upon my results.
Pray tt i'll draw near to God each day and will be able to wake up in the morning to do QT. I really feel tt it's very helpful to spend time with God at the start of the day. PRay for strength to wake up early.


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