Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sigh, until now, still no responds.....boo..hoo!!!! so sad. I'm still stuck with the formal letter to the officer. My mum forgot to look at it yesterday!! terrible. Hey, pls pray esp for my attachment now!! it's gg to be tough!!
What I want to thank God for is, yesterday, i was kept busy. I prayed that the Lord will occupy me in the afternoon. I have the whole lot of things to do. Indeed, when you ask God for something, He will give you more than what you ask for. He really is a generous God.
The rest of these 5 wks, I leave them to God. I don't know how the outcome may be, however I will place it all in God's hands, for He is in control of everything.
Pray that I will take more intitiative in learning things and a teachable heart. Help me to take criticism positively because it helps me to learn better. I must confess that I didn't put God in the picture when doing procedure. So pray that I'll put God in the midst of everything, and always look to Him 1st b4 doing every single procedure.
I screwed up yesterday. It is embarrassing to blog it down here. To avoid all these I must humble myself before the Lord. Oh yes! and pray that I will be humble as I learn things. Sometimes I can be a bit too proud. When I am humble, I learn better.
Pray too that my preceptor will have the chance to talk to me because she has something to talk to me. Keep me in prayer!!!!
Also pray for a favourable responds from the letter. So hopefully can see you all in May!!!
ok got 2 prepare for my attachment now!!! tata!!


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