Friday, March 31, 2006

Hey! Wondering how you guys doing! really looking forward to meeting up w u guys on sat! I'm sure its gonna be a good lunch and a good team meeting!And please post your prayer requests on the blog! I don't believe only Jo has got prayer requests lorh! Want to pray for u all also cannot find things to pray! haha.. Let me start the ball rolling! Please pray for favor and strength! Especially cause i took up the challenge to be coordinator for the freshman camp in NUS. And EXAMS COMING! Please let me know how i can pray for you guys soon! Gambatte to those studying for exams!


At 1:43 PM, Blogger zhi zhen said...

I just cleared one assignment, one weird presentation. Got another 3 more papers to write and they are all major papers. Need lots of concentration and discipline and wisdom but don't seem to be getting any of them at the moment. *hehe*
Please pray for more rest too. The crazy weather and lack of sleep has gotten me down with flu too. Guess the flu jab will really be important when we're in Tokyo. *grin* But will take it after exams in case of any side-effects.


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