Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hey, I'm in it now. Actually my blog is at blogspots too. Hee.....hee, my exams are just over. Boo~~~attachment starts tomorrow. i'm gg to be drilled at work. Hey keep me in prayer while I ask the person in charge of work. I start work from 8-4:30. . 1st time I've ever worked extra half and hour in sgh. yup...yup!! trust God. Hey guys thanks for prayer for me. I'm seeking God's will in His way. This is what I've learnt today in church. One day all of us will have to 'face the music' as in, we will have to face a test to see if we are really true disciples of Christ or just gg to church and sing praises and participating. I just learnt that to be obedient to God's will is not enough. We need to be obedient to God's will in His way and not our way. One way is to get to know God more, which I am learning. cos' not everyone who cried Lord, Lord will pass the test. If I carry on being a sunday christian or come for mission trip because others do, then Jesus will say "I never knew you away from me you evildoers. That's very freaky!! So right now, yes I am praying to go for the mission trip. I just need to learn to listen . So pray that I'll obey God's will in His way than to fulfill my own desire. Thanks!!!


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