Friday, March 31, 2006

just to share with all of you how the Lord has been encouraging me in my attachment. I was super blur on the 1st 2 days of work. I had a negative feedback from pple around me. I felt really discouraged. However, as I do my QT, God is constantly telling me something. His word really comes in timely. I personally am weak in my practical work. However, God has encouraged me tt He is my strengthe and support. He has given me hope. Hope is something which we can't see and waiting for it. If we already have something, what is there to hope for. The Lord also comforted me how He sacrificed His life for all His chosen pple and how precious I am in Him. He even adopted all of us as His childeren!! I felt guilty for complaining so much. The Lord also comforted me that WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERERS IN CHRIST. God has already conquered the evil one on the cross!! Hey pls pray for my attachment. I have lots to catch up. I really hope to pass this last lap of attachment. Pls really keep this attachment in prayer as I am gg to be 'drilled' in to doing staff nurse job!! c ya tmr!!


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