Tuesday, May 30, 2006

主と共に葬られ 主と共に甦り。shuu to tomo ni homurareshuu to tomo ni yomigaeri.
To be buried with Christ and Resurrected with Him. This... is a baptism "coffin" at Saitama International Christian Community Church :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 29, 2006

Gaidai Ministry Update:

First day of ministry. God gave us a number of contacts and also gave wisdom to the team members as to how to approach the Japanese who were strangers to us. We had numerous instances whereby God provided contacts that were warm to our friendship.

Prayers: That God will keep these friendships and that it won’t be lost when we begin to share our testimony of God’s love with them.

Statistics for the day :
New friends made: 18人

Friday, May 26, 2006

Meeting At Campus Crusade for Christ, new student centre Posted by Picasa

Arrival at Narita Airport. Posted by Picasa

We've touched down safe in Tokyo.. Had our orientation at the brand new Japan Campus Crusade Student Centre at Mitaka. Toudai Team also did their prayerwalk at toudai today!!

Please pray for gaidai team's prayerwalk at gaidai tomorrow. And also for the toudai festival tomorrow, that we'll be able to make friends easily and share the gospel with them!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

some male representation :) and a verse of encouragement.

"Be dressed for action and keep your lamps burning. and be like men who are waiting for their master to come home from the wedding feast, so that they may open the door to him at once when he comes and knocks. Blessed are those servants whom the master finds are awake when he comes. Truly, I say to you, he will dress himself for service and have them recline at table, and he will come and serve them" Luke 12:35-37 Posted by Picasa

Team Meeting Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hi all... Need some prayer actually... Just feeling a bit stressed out by my parents becoz i just told them i'd be going for a meeting tmr and they were like 'why are u going for a meeting when u're having sch and an exam on fri???'... I understand why they're like that really... because they both graduated from NUS and during their time, passing exams was everything... coz if they didn't they would have to drop out of the course. And they've also witnessed how the olden generation of medical students had studied all day and night so they've their own impression of how med students are supposed to be like....
And it's a habit i inform them where i go all the time but i think i can't do that this thurs... dunno what their reaction would be haiz.... they didn't use to be like that in pri sec sch and jc... just this thing about medicine... *shrug* so pls do pray that i somehow get thru thurs and fri safely... May have to end up lying bout going to sch or something... sorryz... abit down that's all...

Monday, May 15, 2006

I personally feel that God has blessed me to come to this team! I am blessed with all the nice people in this team! REally thank God for that. It is only by God's grace that I 've this group of friends. I really don't know if I am accepted by ppl. As in if this group do not have God, I won't have so many friends, cos i hardly have any friends in class. It takes a lot of patience to have me in this team.
During this camp, I've learnt alot! My highlight is the part where I gave up my Issac to God. Don't really want to mention who this particular Issac is down here. Anyways, after giving it up, I really felt the love of God. It is because of Him, I had the burden to pray for other countries during the intercetion period. I started coming into this team, not knowing what the real purpose is. I thought I came because my mum told me to. he...he.. I really want to thank God for this camp as He made me realise the purpose of the trip and gave me the burden for Japan. so pray tt I'll have the heart for Japan.
So far I managed to raised $1910. Pls pray tt i'll be able to raise the remaining $1100 by the end of this week. And also pray for God's wisdom to be upon me as I buy the first aid kit, when calculating the vitamin pills, the budget is over$50. So keep me in prayer!

Hi all! Hope you've recovered from the lack of sleep during the camp.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I was very blessed during the camp, not only because I learnt a lot of lessons and drew nearer to God, but also because I experienced so much love from each member of the team and learnt more about each of you.

I want to add that I'm really privileged to be a part of this team and that if we keep up this love for one another, have faith in God, yield to Him and stick close to Him, we'll really see a great work in Japan!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just something wonderful to share! I just received a $1500 cheque from a friend of mine! Praise God! Was just wondering how I could progress from the 500 bucks i raised and God provided! Continue to trust in Him all u who are raising support. Will keep u all in prayer. Thanks for all your prayers! :)

Psalm 104:27-28
"These all look to you to give them their food at the proper time. When you give it to them, they gather it up; when you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things"

Be assured of God's providence! :)
God bless!

Hi all!

Here's some information on Gadai from it's school website:


A world center for language teaching and researchApproximately 50 languages are taught as part of the regular curriculum, and several more are being researched at TUFS. Asian languages comprise around half of the total number; some of them are taught only at TUFS.
A world center for Japanese-language educationAs a world center for Japanese language teaching, the study of Japanese-language pedagogy, and the cultivation of Japanese-language teachers, TUFS functions as an advisor to Japanese-language educational institutions both at home and abroad.
A world center for new cross-disciplinary area-transcultural studiesEducational and research activities covering nearly all the worldfs regions are conducted by specialists in various academic fields in the humanities and social sciences.

The University is the oldest institution in Japan devoted to international studies. It began as Bansho Shirabesho (Institute for Research of Foreign Documents), a government translation bureau set up in 1857. It was established as an independent educational and research institution with the name Tokyo Gaikokugo Gakko (Tokyo School of Foreign Languages) in 1899. In 1999, the University celebrated both the 126th anniversary of its original establishment and the 100th anniversary of its independence. It subsequently moved its campus to its present location, where students can study in a modern, hi-tech environment. Having entered the 21st century, TUFS continues to play a leading role as a center of excellence in international studies, research, and worldwide academic exchange.

fOR MORE INFORMATION, please visit the official website of the school.
Think the Japanese website is more resourceful. English website has quite limited information!
Somebody please translate for me?..:)

oK, that;s all for now, see you all at the missions camp! :)
keep on praying!

Monday, May 08, 2006

got some news for the NUS students... I managed to "secure" 30 NUS slingbags and 30 OSA pens from NUS Office of Student Affairs, for mementoes to be given away if you guys want to introduce your own university and leave a memento of sorts.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hi all! Wanted to share the good news with all of u but was so so exhausted by the time i returned to my hostel at 1am...
I started raising support yesterday and collected 400 bucks!! :) Praise God! More should be coming in because some of them want to mail me instead.
I went up to one of the docs I didn't know very well in cancer centre but I knew he was a strong Christian and asked him and to my surprise, he said, "Oh! I was in Crusade too! Went for such a trip in year one as well!" Praise God!
Keep going everyone! See u all at the camp!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dear all!

It has been great reading Christelle's post about God's faithfulness!
Indeed, let us always remember to give thanks for all that He has done and is going to do in our lives! I'm sure the past 2 months has not been easy for all of us! I still remember the first time i called the team for the support raising seminar, and now, some of us are almost completing our support raising! :)

Well, for the rest of us in the team, let us continue hold on to the faith in our LORD, the God who has made us (Psalm 91). Let us also remmeber to put on the full armor of God all the time, and remember that this is a warfare that we're engaging into, but Christ is the victorious One!

SO, JIAYOU for everyone! Esp. in raising ministry partners at this point, both financial and prayer partners. Let us also remember to be praying and tap onto God's resources from above!

Do pray for our host country JAPAN, for the softening of ground (matt 13) and for us to be prepared as good messengers of Christ (1 Peter 3:15)

For those of us who have already raised full, let us continue to raise to help those team members who mayy have difficulty raising k? :)

Let us work hard together as we are all ONE TEAM, and ONE BODY in the LORD! :)


Hi there again! Sorry guys, feel like im spamming this... came across this website shortly after my exams... not sure if any of u have seen it but it think it's pretty useful esp for the 4 SLs in Japanese... Yep:) here's the webbie: http://www.ethnicharvest.org/peoples/countries/japanese.htm

God bless u all :)

Dear all,
My first post on the blog! I've got great news to share! I just got my parents' consent to go for this trip tonight! It's amazing! Praise God! Thanks so much for all your prayers... It's really been a tough time for me because the struggle for a breakthrough was for 2 whole months! I was pretty sure I could not go but I brought up the issue one last time last night to my mom and this morning my dad actually said that if I really wanted to go that badly, they'd let me go! And he even offered to help me raise support! Praise God! Sorry for not keeping u guys posted on what has been happening in my life... Well the 3 week study break was quite burdensome with work to cover and fruitless talks with my parents about this issue which either left me upset or crying.... After my first meeting early March, it seemed to me the dates of meeting and everything seemed to clash so much with my schedule... I wondered if it was God's will to let me go... Thus, I had a talk with Peiyu about withdrawing and she challenged me to spend the next 3 days to seek God's will regarding this issue... Throughout the 3 days, I was certain God's call for me to go was there but still my parents did not allow it... I felt terrible then... I felt that God had abandoned me... some would have noticed my msn nick changed to 'eloi eloi lama sabachthani?' I was devastated then...
Furthermore, I was plagued with a sense of guilt for always being so stubborn in my decisions and never considering my parents' point of view... I felt selfish for always wanting things my way despite their displeasure... Somehow, I felt so conscious of how I had made them feel so hurt... Even when i agreed with them eventually to not go, I was time and again torn apart in trying to keep my faith and be obedient towards my parents... There were times when I just studied halfway and burst out crying because I felt so lost... Slowly, I slipped away from Him and stopped talking to Him... This issue became something i was so afraid to speak of in front of them... Somehow when church issues were put aside, we enjoyed talking to each other and I felt so blessed. The issue just sank deeper and deeper into the depths of my heart and I just didn't want to bring it up anymore... Even then, I knew it had a great impact on me... I grew farther and farther away from Him and I found that I just couldn't feel His presence in my life anymore... Coupled with the non christian company I had most of the time in school, I just didn't feel the need to go back to Him... Nevertheless, when i cried out last night after speaking to my mom, I told Him I couldn't go any further... I was reminded of the story of Elijah and how he just ran out of strength and couldn't carry on when he was in the desert and how God had given him rest... I prayed for rest (by that time it was 3am)... I had a short but good sleep and when my dad was fetching me this morning, he agreed to let me go...
By right, I would have expected an ecstatic self after hearing the news but I felt tired... emotionally and physically (because of the late night)... and so i took the aft off to sleep over the issue and spent the night at the fountain in pgp for an hour just thinking about it... I had made plans to go to Taiwan with a very close group of friends and had promised to train the TJC students in the biomedical quiz thinking that this trip was impossible... I struggled with a few issues and finally, I felt God telling me that all I needed was to trust in Him and allow Him to lead me one step at a time... So I went back to my room and confirmed with my parents that they will let me go and then I called Eliza and she told me the tix were not booked yet!! And even the rooms in PGP would be available during the camp for me! Praise God! He has indeed paved the way....
Please do keep me in prayer for my support raising... It's gonna be a big challenge but I know it is possible to do it for "I can do everything through him who gives me strength" phil4:13

Yep, and do keep me in prayer for my preparation for the trip as well... Currently, I'm just recovering from a spiritually low state due to various other issues in my life as well, so pls pray that I will keep close to Him and that the passion for Him will be once again ignited :)

Please also pray for a suitable airline and accomodation for all of us so that my parents will be more at ease and less worried...

Thanks once again for everything:) May the Lord your God be with you wherever you go Joshua 1:9

God bless!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oh, reading zhizhen's post reminded me to update my support raising status. I have exceeded the support I'm supposed to raise. I currently have $1715 on hand and another pledge that doubles whatever amount I've raised (I've not gotten that yet cos I might still be waiting for more to come in before I update that supporter and get the total doubled). In effect, it should be at least $3430.

But I'm still trying to raise prayer support. When I ask people they seem to gloss over the need for prayer.

I'll definitely keep praying for all of you. Don't worry, this mission, this team and all the support are God's. Of course He'll help you meet what is required!