Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hi all!

Here's some information on Gadai from it's school website:


A world center for language teaching and researchApproximately 50 languages are taught as part of the regular curriculum, and several more are being researched at TUFS. Asian languages comprise around half of the total number; some of them are taught only at TUFS.
A world center for Japanese-language educationAs a world center for Japanese language teaching, the study of Japanese-language pedagogy, and the cultivation of Japanese-language teachers, TUFS functions as an advisor to Japanese-language educational institutions both at home and abroad.
A world center for new cross-disciplinary area-transcultural studiesEducational and research activities covering nearly all the world¬Āfs regions are conducted by specialists in various academic fields in the humanities and social sciences.

The University is the oldest institution in Japan devoted to international studies. It began as Bansho Shirabesho (Institute for Research of Foreign Documents), a government translation bureau set up in 1857. It was established as an independent educational and research institution with the name Tokyo Gaikokugo Gakko (Tokyo School of Foreign Languages) in 1899. In 1999, the University celebrated both the 126th anniversary of its original establishment and the 100th anniversary of its independence. It subsequently moved its campus to its present location, where students can study in a modern, hi-tech environment. Having entered the 21st century, TUFS continues to play a leading role as a center of excellence in international studies, research, and worldwide academic exchange.

fOR MORE INFORMATION, please visit the official website of the school.
Think the Japanese website is more resourceful. English website has quite limited information!
Somebody please translate for me?..:)

oK, that;s all for now, see you all at the missions camp! :)
keep on praying!


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