Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Prayer requests as at 1 April 2006

Hi Prayer warriors!

Thank you for co-labouring with us to pray for Japan and the team. Here’s our team’s prayer requests:

Zhi Zhen

  • pray that she will be rely on God
  • complete 3 datelines and 1 presentation in 2 weeks
  • guard her walk with God

Jun Bin

  • exams are round the corner and he prays for disciple to start studying
  • his church youths are planning a harvest event so pray for God’s guidance


  • time management
  • exams are coming so pray for discipline and wisdom


  • discipline to start studying for exams


  • her exam results will be out on 28 Apr, let’s pray for good grades
  • pray that she’ll be alert for her night shifts

Lee Huan

  • praise God that the universities have responded to her application.
  • pray for future directions from God
  • pray for her to be a helper to her leader as she is the new assistant cell group leader


  • able to raise support even during the exam period
  • intimate walk with God


  • to be fully recovered for her exams that is this week


  • she is also having exams this week


  • good time management
  • undergoing a course “Life of Christ” and needs to seat for an exam
  • pray for discipline esp when she reads the readings
  • able to raise support

Pei yu

  • she’s taking an audit course and thank God that she need not take exams!
  • Pray for a learning spirit and to complete the task and assignments
  • Pray for her support raising


  • pray for his jap tests
  • he’s been very busy so let’s pray for him to be filled with God’s strength to complete his tasks
  • to be able to get enough physical rest

Kin Leong

  • discipline to study
  • raise support for the trip


  • to have an intimate walk with God
  • pray for her admission to NUS business school to be approve if it’s God’s will
  • boldness to ask for support


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