Monday, April 24, 2006

*cough* *cough*
I guess think is my every first time blogging here. First I must apologise for not blogging when I suppose to update you about my support raising. This being my 3rd time raising support and it is still a challenge for me. In comparison with my previous trips, i found it easier and braver to raise support. However, this time round, there was fear, much more fear. Each time when i am prompted to take a step forward and approach the potential supporter, this fear would just be in my mind and holding me from moving forward. Anyways, that was last week and the previous week. Today(sunday), I told myself that i just have to do it and praise the Lord, i have my first $100! =D Btw, i didn't want to blog coz i had no support or rather the response was slow...
Although this $100 seems little to the big sum, i felt peace, knowing that since God has called me/us for this trip, He will provide for our needs so we needn't worry too much. I like to encourage our sister, steph that God will provide coz He's Jerhovah Jireh, our provider. Perhaps you can ask for referrals for your supporters friends or friend friends? You can also try your lecturers!!! =D

Pls also keep me in prayer coz i've been sick since tuesday. I'm down with flu and cough plus occassional bleeding nose. It's getting bad and this week is going to be busy. Pray that i'll be able to rest well and depend on God's strength and joy! Next, I'm having an interview at NTU arts. Pray that God's wisdom and guidance on what i'll be saying and writing. Oh, does any of you know where's the humanities block is? If you know, pls give me a call. Thanks! Have a blessed week! I'll be keeping you guys in prayer too! Jia you!


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