Thursday, April 27, 2006

AHHH!!!!! I'm SO SO SO glad I decided to go ahead with the tuition... The Japanese tutor was so WARM and nice compared to that of the private language class I attended! She's also native.

On top of that, she's a CHRISTIAN!!! I mean, how often do you run into a Japanese Christian? Here's roughly what she said... (translated)

"Many members of my family are missionaries! But they're working in China, not Japan, because the Communists are persecuting the Chinese Christians. Many Japanese who come to Singapore feel very lonely, so they are much more open to the Gospel and many come to know Christ in Singapore. There are 3 Japanese churches in Singapore, and I know 2 pastors. Unfortunately, one of them passed away due to cancer, but he was faithful to the end and passed away peacefully. He managed to bring many people to Christ before he died."

Then she added,

"I'm so glad (hontou ni hontou ni) you're going to Japan on mission work. Please try your best (isshokenmei ni ganbatte kudasai!) and share the gospel with them, because so many of them are empty inside and really need God."

She taught me overtime. For homework, a writing topic set by the textbook was about how I wanted to spend my time in Japan and she immediately seized the opportunity to get me to write an essay about why I wanted to go to Japan (to enable me to elaborate about God and my personal testimony) and what I wanted to do there... so that if people asked me why I am there, I'd be prepared to even inject the Gospel in.

Next lesson (Tue) I hope to get her to go through the 4 spiritual laws and deal with the kanji I don't know how to pronounce, as well as why they used a certain form I feel is rather hard to comprehend.

[I don't know just how useful all these will be, but I'll be happy to share what I've learnt from her.]

She even briefed me on how best to be polite to them... like never call them "anata" when I want to say "you." She said the safest thing was to ask their name (Anou... onamae wa?) and go -san. But the disadvantage is that I might seem too aloof / not warm. So she adviced asking "Dou yondara ii desu ka?" and for all you know they'd offer a nickname like "Mi-chan de mo ii". Especially cos it's students.

Anyone interested in learning Japanese too can call me and I'll give more details.


At 4:24 PM, Blogger zhi zhen said...

That's wonderful! Btw, I have the Japanese version of 4SL left over from last year's trip and also one bilingual one. I'll bring along next meeting then all of you can take a look. Or if you can't wait, can always take a look at the Tokyo CCC website.

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Jo said...

oh, hey, thanks! but my mom went to japan on an evangelistic rally before and i already have serveral copies. thanks so much!


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